BUILDING INSTRUMENT’s latest work brings the magic of music to life.


BUILDING INSTRUMENT’s latest work brings the magic of music to life with their unique sound.

Norway’s BUILDING INSTRUMENT debuted the commissioned work Månen, Armadillo at EKKO Festival 2022 to an outstanding reception.  Mari Kvien Brunvoll (vocals, electronics), Øyvind Hegg-Lunde (drums) and Åsmund Weltzien (synths) along with their cornucopia of instruments deliver an unforgettable live-experience where they bring experimental music honed to precision by years of experience.  Their 4th album is set to release late 2023/2024.

Whispering creates a magical setting in your mind

As the band takes the stage, their whispering sounds transport listeners to a world of their own creation, carrying them away by benevolent melodies that envelop the ears with loving warmth. Through their multitude of instruments, the band illustrates with versatility the true magic of music, transporting the audience’s imagination to distant places.

We’re guests

Being invited on a journey, the audience is lowered into a novel soundscape. As time moves they will notice that the instruments take on the roles of a variety of distinct characters and breathtaking sonic vistas.

The soundscape touches an underlying materiality

Building Instrument have honed their unique sound with craftful precision throughout their career, as anyone will discover by a listen through their discography. Månen, Armadillo is more than a performance; it is a rich, immersive world full of diverse characters, all connected through intricate musical narratives that draw inspiration from a variety of past and present musical genres. Månen, Armadillo’s songs are a deep dive into the sound-world Building Instrument have developed over the years. Akin to echolocation, the sounds their instruments give of bounce echoes of thesurfaces of mountain valleys, trees, and starry skies. These studies in sound fre up the audience’s imagination and illuminate the underlying materiality of their music.

Pattern on a leather lace

The compositions of Månen, Armadillo are full of surprises while maintaining a deceptive simplicity in their beauty and identity. Soft and intricate leading vocals and the chiming string of the zither act as familiar guides, leading listeners through the performance. Alongside them, a slow but pacing variety of percussive sounds and rhythms give life and texture to the soundscape. Not to mention the huge variety of accompanying instruments that give tone and bring out novel colors in a journey that braids like water through time.

Playing with elements of modernity

Throughout the performance, memories and reminders of modernity and its challenges appear, as the fantasy is imbued with details both subtle and gross. This pushes the listener into an interesting liminal dream-space situated between the sonic and material aspects of their music.