Tour Availability  17-25 March 2020 (Avant Folk)
Booking  Kjell Kalleklev / +47 911 03 280 (e-post)
Frode Haltli releases ‘Avant Folk II’, the follow-up to ‘Avant Folk’ (2018). The group of ten is an all-star cast of some of Norway’s most innovative and creative musicians, spanning different generations and genres,  a elaboration of Frode Haltli’s work somewhere in the twilight zone between jazz, contemporary and folk music. The ensemble has since 2017 played a number of international festivals, and has earned a reputation as a vital and solid live band. The music on this new studio album was commissioned by Vossa Jazz in 2019.



‘This is the beautiful world of Frode Haltli. It combines embellishment with devilry, alternating between the church and the forest.’ Arild R. Andersen,


When Frode Haltli founded Avant Folk in 2017, it was to continue his work in the outskirts of folk, this time with a mini big band: Drums, bass, two guitars, two winds, two fiddlers, organ, and himself on the accordion. The ensemble has a distinguished and recognisable sound that blends acoustic and electric instruments, with musical inspiration from past and present: ‘I have worked across established genres through many years now. I’ve done everything from complex scores in contemporary music to jazz and traditional music.


In Avant Folk we use processes from folk music: I present a simple material to start with, that all musicians learn by ear. This way, without any scores at all, we all get a common feel of the phrasing and the rhythms, with flexibility and freedom in further elaboration of the musical material.’


Line up:
Frode Haltli – accordion
Erlend Apneseth – Hardanger fiddles
Hans P. Kjorstad – violin
Rolf-Erik Nystrøm – saxophones
Juhani Silvola – guitars and electronics