Tour Availability  Dates on request
Booking Roger Urhaug (+47) 916 67 587 (e-post)
Geir Sundstøl and Erland Dahlen are two of the country’s most profiled musicians.  In this setting, they will present their material in duo format at selected concerts. The super drummer, percussionist and one-man band Erland Dahlen receivd praise for his album “Blossom Bells”,  Now, he returns with an even more varied, rocking, magnificent and chisel-evocative bunch of instrumental songs on his third album “Clocks”. Never before has “cinematic” been a more appropriate label.
Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Geir Sundstøl had played on over 260 records with other artists before he debuted with the solo album “Furulund” in 2015. 27 years into his career, he finally was rewarded with brilliant reviews of his own. Now his third album “Brødløs” (without bread) is out.
Dahlen boils his charitable signature power on the bone and knocks from many different genres this time as well: electronics, krautrock, ambient, post-rock, new wave and dark instrumental rock. The concert will feature songs from the records as well as improvised music.


Geir and Erland are both available in solo settings.