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  • «Detta kan vara en av årets mest säregna skivor och det är smått obegripligt hur Sundstøl bär sig åt, men alltihop hänger faktiskt ihop riktigt snyggt.Rasmus Klockerljung / Lira Musikmagasin (SE)
  • «Sundstøl can play it to world class standard» Prog (UK)
  • «En strålende reise i verdensmusikk fra støvete, amerikansk prærie via India til Norge. Takk for turen Jan Granlie – Salt Peanuts
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Geir Sundstøl and Erland Dahlen are two of the country’s most profiled musicians.  In this setting, they will present their material in duo format at selected concerts. The concert will feature songs from the records as well as improvised music. Geir and Erland are both available in solo settings.

The Norwegian guitarist and self-taught multi-instrumentalist Geir Sundstøl, from Halden, has been making music for a living since 1988. He has left his unique musical mark on 260 records featuring everyone from a-ha to Nils Petter Molvær. “Furulund”, the first record he released under his own name, was a long-awaited debut from an extremely popular musician. Sundstøl has toured all over the world, and has been the most frequently played performer on Norwegian radio for several years. A concert he held with country artist Jimmie Dale Gilmore in the USA in the 1990s gave film directors and brothers Joel and Ethan Coen the inspiration for Gaear Grimsrud, Peter Stormare’s character in the film “Fargo”.

His music draws inspiration from jazz, blues, roots and country, but can be characterised most of all as original, eccentric and lovely. Now the stage is set for something quite different. The Studio Intim Sessions, Volume 1, Sundstøl’s fifth solo album, has taken a trip on its own, away from the Nordic noir cinematic and genre-crossing soundscape we know, and ended up somewhere south of the Kattegat.


Erland Dahlen’s solo project came from the fact that he’s played hundreds of records with other musicians over the years, and wanted to have a project where he could record and play live just by himself. Too many musical ideas that didn’t fit any other projects had accumulated over time, so he decided to use some of those in a solo project. The plan was to record just one album in 2012 (Rolling Bomber), but over time the solo project has become more and more significant. Racoons is the fifth solo album from drummer extraordinaire Erland Dahlen. He has played on more than 300 albums with a various range of artists in different genres and he plays regularly with bands and artists like Nils Petter Molvær group, Stian Westerhus , Geir Sundstøl, Madrugada and Eivind Aarset to name a few.

The new album Racoons was recorded in Oslo in March 2023, and will be his first on Is It Jazz? Records. Dahlen plays a lot of custom-made instruments here – Lars Hurlen has built different log drums for this album, and Harald Hougaard has built a custom-made zither bass. Dahlen also uses custom-made chromatic blossom bells and different metal stuff like huge serving plates.


While Erland Dahlen is a drummer, such a basic job description doesn’t really get close to what he achieves on ‘Bones’, the fourth edition in his evolving series of solo albums that also includes ‘Clocks’ (2018), ‘Blossom Bells’ (2015) and ‘Rolling Bomber’ (2012). In six separate tracks over two LP sides, Erland Dahlen – who composed and played everything himself, bar one electronics-assist by Hallvard W. Hagen (of Xploding Plastix) on the song ’Swan’ – has produced a sophisticated suite or audio-collage where key elements appear, depart and return again to interweave at intervals throughout the album’s duration.