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Booking Roger Urhaug (+47) 916 67 587 (e-post) eller Roger Fjellstad Olsen (+47) 92494140 (e-post)
Geir Sundstøl and Erland Dahlen are two of the country’s most profiled musicians.  In this setting, they will present their material in duo format at selected concerts. The concert will feature songs from the records as well as improvised music. Geir and Erland are both available in solo settings.


St. Hanshaugen Steel -

After appearing on more than 400 albums as a sideman and session player, multifaceted guitarist and instrument collector Geir Sundstøl gave us a trilogy of his, long awaited, own compositions. Now he is back, with a follow-up to Norwegian Grammy-/Spellemannpris- winning album Brødløs.

St.Hanshaugen Steel offers an extraordinarily wide range of genre references, and takes us further into Sundstøl’s original and distinctive soundscapes. With clear cinematic features, Sundstøl displays an ever impressing variety of instruments, sliding from the deep and rough bass harmonica to the sharp, circus- like marxophone. In between, multiple layers of glimmering steel.

Guest appearances by he angelic Sølvguttene boys’ choir bring utter goose bumps, while other parts of St.Hanshaugen Steel might induce the darker chills of Nordic Noir.

While Dahlen is a drummer, such a basic job description doesn’t really get close to what he achieves on ‘Bones’, the latest and fourth edition in his evolving series of solo albums that also includes ‘Clocks’ (2018), ‘Blossom Bells’ (2015) and ‘Rolling Bomber’ (2012).

For ‘Bones’ is like a minimalist symphony of repeating themes and motifs, but one that uses the most maximal of percussive resources available, from vintage Slingerland trap-drums and mallet instruments to metal pie-dishes and marbles rattling on a plate.


In six separate tracks over two LP sides, Dahlen – who composed and played everything himself, bar one electronics-assist by Hallvard W. Hagen (of Xploding Plastix) on the song ’Swan’ – has produced a sophisticated suite or audio-collage where key elements appear, depart and return again to interweave at intervals throughout the album’s duration.