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HYPERSOMNIAC is a multimedia project – a blend between music and visual art – based upon an idea by vocalist, composer and producer Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari aka LEF. Hypersomniac defies easy categorization as it awakens the senses. At times darker than the Grim Reaper and heavier than the soundtrack for the Apocalypse, it can turn on a dime and swing insistently, or wail mournfully, or float mysteriously. Is it rock? Is it jazz? Is it ambient, avant garde, opera or something else? Regardless of tags, the music that Lef and the all stars team make together as Hypersomniac on the debut stands an imposing manifesto. It is an iron fist upside the head of complacency.

The story takes place in the 2030. The plot is built around the materiality-immateriality dichotomy and how deeply our mind and will can interact, reinterpret and so can change what surrounds us. After economic crisis -and consequential social issues- all the world is afflicted by sanguinary circles of violence. The upper classes wield power and re-organize the European territories under one rotten “United Republic of Europe”. That’s leading to what could be considered one of the worst period of all time.
Two psychiatric-biotechnology’s scientists have developed a new method with the aim of discouraging criminal attitudes through a virtual rehabilitation. With a microchip in their brain the patients end up living programmed and controlled lives: although everything in the virtual world seems to be real, all actions and speeches there are programmed and conceived with the intent of altering the patients’ behaviour. Though the whole project’s proceeding has been changed during the last years in order to “erase souls” by removing recalls. Aran, a guy in is thirties unfairly charged with manslaughter and sent to the WOREG prison’s wing, starts to live as if in an uncertain space and time between reality and dream because of the treatment.