Jan Bang – Reading The Air – album reviews


Salt Peanuts: https://salt-peanuts.eu/record/jan-bang/

Jan Granlie skriver:…»Et helstøpt album som bør sende vokalisten Jan Bang og hans musikalske venner ut på verdensturné, også på de store scenene og festivalene. Kanskje Bangs mest «publikumsvennlige» og «lett tilgjengelige» utgivelse til nå. Men «gå-ta-banen» så vakkert!»

UK Vibe: https://ukvibe.org/album_reviews/jan-bang/

Album of the Week in WDR Resonanzen: https://www1.wdr.de/radio/album-der-woche-130.html

Jazzthing, Germany: https://www.jazzthing.de/review/jan-bang-reading-the-air/

Ondarock, Italy: https://www.ondarock.it/recensioni/2024-janbang-readingtheair.htm

Ballade, Norway: https://www.ballade.no

“Jan Bang is one of the people responsible for the great wave of creative music from Norway over the past three decades. As a producer and player, he’s collaborated with Dhafer Youssef, Nils Petter Molvaer, Arve Henriksen, David Sylvian, Bugge Wesseltoft and many others.” https://thebluemoment.com

«What does it sound like? I was put in mind of late Blue Nile filtered through Jon Hassell’s Fourth World recordings: fragile-sounding melodies, introspective lyrics, voices singing from some private sphere, gauzy textures shaped and layered with great care, on the edge of decay. Through the 10 tracks, there’s a consistency of mood, elegant and reflective.»  – Richard Williams (UK)

“With “Reading the Air”, Jan Bang has released an oppressively beautiful album. It is a vocal-oriented solo album, his first since 1998.”…” this album promises to provide an enchanting listening experience”- Anton Dupont, Maxazine (Holland)

“A beatific, affecting collection of songs, Reading The Air is one of the most moving, attention-grabbing albums I’ve heard in a good while. Warm and enveloping, these songs have a profound, haunting quality that stays with you long after the final song has finished. Understated yet powerful, and frequently breathtaking.” – Mat Smith, Further (UK)

«This sophisticated, multi-layered pop conjures up atmospheres and moods and presents Jan Bang as a darkly mystical singer who aims directly at the soul» – Ulrich Steinmetzger, Badische Zeitung

«The cozy winter sound setting goes perfectly with the snow-covered landscape outside: you’re happy to be sitting in a warm room and listening to this wonderful record (while others freeze in traffic jams on the A7 or on drafty train platforms).» – Westzite, Germany