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  •  just what we need to keep roots music alive, Santa Rosa Records (US)
  • Jørgen Sandvik moves the blues forward, Harry Simpson (UK)
  • Avis aux amateurs! – Tell it to the blues lovers!, Fred Delforge (FR)
  • An album worth a few repeat listens, it grows in echoing depth and delivers nicely, Iain Patience, Blues Magazine (NL)
  • “…strong blues records from that region, which have just that little bit more..”…”especially in the conviction with which the blues is brought,, he is far beyond most other blues of this time” – Pop Heaven magazine, (NL)
Jørgen Sandvik was awarded the Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannprisen) for his first solo album “Permanent Vacation” released in 2018. The album was was soon recognised as a fresh contribution to the blues by blues oriented radio-stations around the world. “Jørgen Sandvik moves the blues forward” is one of the many quotes from reviews. Another nice one from the the legendary Knut Reiersrud: “everything he touches turns to gold”

Jørgen thinks of the blues more as a state of mind than a musical genre. He is also influenced by jazz legends like Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman and Django Reinhart. His blues influences are Peter Green, Skip James, BB King, John Mayall and Leadbelly to mention a few.

Jørgen plays solo or with his band Permanent Vacation.

Jørgen Sandvik & Permanent Vacation, is an exciting quartet featuring musicians from the blues, folk and jazz scene, playing a very free form of the blues. Improvisation and catching the moment is important to the performance of the band. As a band leader, he invites his musicians to bring on their experience and personality to the journey. There is no job to be done, it’s a permanent vacation.

Jørgen Sandvik & Permanent Vacation are Jørgen Sandvik (guitar and lead vocals), Anders Bitustøyl (bass and backing vocals), JP Myklestad (harmonica and percussion), Nils Are Drønen (Drums). This is the most common line up. Line up and format may vary.