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Singer and songwriter Kristin Asbjørnsen is one of the most distinguished artists on the vibrating extended music scene in Europe. Over the last decade, she has received overwhelming international response from critics and the public alike for her personal and unique musical expression. The Norwegian singer has featured on a number of album releases, as well as a series of tours and festival performances in Europe. She has won several national Music Awards. In France, Kristin became the winner of the Mondomix Babel Med prize in 2009. Her previous solo albums I’ll meet you in the morning (2013), The night shines like the day (2009) and Wayfaring stranger (2006) were released across Europe via Emarcy/Universal. Wayfaring stranger sold to Platinum in Norway. Kristin made the score for the movie Factotum (Bukowski/Bent Hamer) in 2005. Kristin collaborates with the piano player Tord Gustavsen. During many years Kristin focused on work with her musical ensembles Kvitretten, Dadafon and Krøyt.
Spring 2018 saw the release of Kristinís long awaited solo album Traces Of You. Kristinís enchanting songs, based on her commissioned work Traces of You for Global Oslo Music in 2016, were met with outstanding response. Kristin later toured Europe in trio format with the koraplayer Suntou Susso and guitarist Olav Torget, performing  songs from her new, critically acclaimed Traces Of You album, as well as songs from her spirituals-repertoire. Suntou Susso is a multi-instrumentalist koraplayer, actor, composer, singer songwriter and percussionist from the Gambia. He was born in agriot family, (a tradition that originates from West Africa and refers to cultural figures that carry knowledge and the regional identity of their communities through song, music and poetry). Suntou is the sonof Mamudou, one of the finest living kora players and Fatou Binta Cissokho, who was a gifted singerand percussionist – it is no surprise that this young man has serious talent.
Olav Torget Olav is a key member in Kristin Asbjørnsen Ensemble and they also perform many concerts as a duo. Olav’s way of playing guitar is quite unique and his expression have been developed through many years of specializing in Southern and West African music traditions (particularly Wolof / Griot music from Senegal). Olav is frequently used as a guitarist in various pop / jazz / world music contexts and has published his own and acclaimed solo-album “Suburban Jive” in 2007, to rave reviews and has also produced a number of albums for various artists.