Tour Availability  Dates on request
Booking  Kjell Kalleklev / +47 911 03 280 (e-post)
Completely alone on stage, surrounded by kalimba, kazoo, zither and various electronics to sample and manipulate her voice, she’s always a facinating experience in concert. Mari Kvien Brunvoll has a unique ability to fire up an audience, and has the ability to capture the listener into her universe and never let you go. Her music is a personal expression that straddles jazz, electro pop, acoustic blues and folk music from different corners of the world.
Known for the dazzling success of his song Yeke Yeke, Mory Kante, brilliant Guinean griot, singer and master of the kora, always thrills his audiences at every show – no matter where in the world he is performing! This musical pioneer of African music with his band of talented musicians, are always a breath of freshness from the musical mother-source, and an electric-and electrifying!-reminder of the unifying power of his truly planetary world music!