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Marilyn is known for her extensive work with i.e. Miles Davis and Jan Garbarek, she has played with a vast number of great musicians and in most of the world, but has focused more and more on being the powercenter in her own projects and also composing for choirs and various other settings. She is presently also working with i.e. her 11-piece scandinavian female group Shamania, and collaborates with Palle Mikkelborg, Anders Jormin, Bugge Wesseltoft and Jan Bang and many others.


This strong trio-format with Marilyn, Krister and Josefine has existed for many years. Marilyn has been working closely with the 2 other musicians – in several different constellations – ever since they met for the first time in year 2000, as part of a cultural celebration-project for the opening of the bridge from Denmark to Sweden. For that occasion Marilyn wrote a commissioned concert for a swedish/danish collaboration. In 2014 the trio finally released their richly faceted and nature-inspired music on the CD “Flamingo Sky”. The trio’s music is mostly written by MM, but all 3 contribute with words and music, and the expression is imaginative and collective. Poetic music with a strong rhythmic and energetic element.



plays warm and communicating music, intense and melodic, fulfilling Marilyn’s multicolored original compositions and imaginative poetic visions with lots of spontaneous
energy. Inside her large percussion installations, Marilyn weaves exciting patterns of beautiful sounds and mystic grooves. In this Copenhagen-based group, Marilyn has gathered some of her closest musical friends, all very creative individualists, that have worked together for a long time.

saxophonist Fredrik Lundin (DK)
guitarist Krister Jonsson (Sweden)
bassplayer Klavs Hovman (DK)

Some of Marilyn’s many highlights: receiving the Jazzpar Prize in 2001, which involved her creating a special 14-piece orchestra for concerts and the CD All the Birds, releasing her solo-CD for ECM 2008 with Jan Garbarek ELIXIR, being Artist in Residence at Molde Jazzfestival 2008, where she created, composed for and played with 6 different concert-constellations, receiving Eurocore JTI Jazz Award in 2010, being nominated as Percussionist of the Year by Jazz Journalists Association 2012, becoming a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in 2016.


Percussionist/composer Marilyn Mazur now presents her new large orchestra, in which she gathered 10 strong female scandinavian music profiles plus the norwegian dancer Tine Erica Aspaas. SHAMANIA started when Copenhagen Jazzfestival suggested to Mazur to revive her old music theatre group Primi Band (from the 80’ies, with i.e. Lotte Anker). Marilyn loved the idea of creating a new large group with some of the fantastic female musicians of today and to present a totally fresh version of the ideas from Primi: a ritual, organic, cacophonic and wildgrowing female community around primitive force/voices/rhythm/good energy and movement.

“New Secret” opens the album with the insistent, rhythmic chanting of an invocation. The cyclic piece is built on one of the core elements that Mazur has carried forward from Primi Band, which she calls “Primi ostinatos.” These small, repeated sonic units were inspired by the minimalist composers of the 1970s, game-changing pioneers like Philip Glass, Mike Oldfield and Steve Reich. Mazur put her own spin on that lineage, however, imbuing these repetitions with a more vigorous momentum, her rhythmic impulses in conflict with the minimalists’ inherently static compositions.


Marilyn has a new and very exciting collaboration under the name Spirit Cave.

These musicians play together in a very open form, communicating on the spot with their groovy and spacy sound-scapes, creating sensual and surprising music. All have their own active projects, and they have also played together in many different constellations during the past 20 years, among others Marilyn’s Future Song.  Now they have created this open and collective project to continue their musical meetings.

2020 line up:
Jan Bang, live sampling
Eivind Aarset, guitar & electronics,
Marilyn Mazur, percussion & drums