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Norwegian singer and keyboardist, Marte Eberson, has made a big impact with her music in a lot of different genres. With a long resume she has received prices and acknowledgements for a lot of different projects and music styles.


Marte Eberson has a broad range as a musician and performer, taking on different roles and mastering several genres. Referred to as a synth wizard, Marte brings her own feelings into the soundscape through the many different expressions a synth can produce. Collaborating with her father, the famous Norwegian jazz/rock/prog guitarist Jon Eberson, in the project “Eberson”, Marte has recorded two studio-albums which both received massive positive reviews.

In her solo-project Marte uses her beautiful singing voice, expressing even more relatable feelings through her precise writing and relatable storytelling. Her established position as a master of several music arts has given Marte memorable performance opportunities. She played with Alan Walker at the prestigious Coachella festival in Los Angeles, as well as performing together with Ane Brun at Øyafestivalen in Oslo.


Marte was awarded two Spellemann (Norwegian grammys) for best pop group in 2014 and 2016 as a part of Highasakite. And she has also had success with the indie band LÖV, where the recognizable Scandinavian pop sound got a lot of air on the radio.