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Nils Økland (Hardanger fiddle/violin/viola d’amore) is a renowned master of Norway’s national instrument the Hardanger fiddle. However, his musical outlook is far wider than just traditional music and his contributions diverse.

Both as an instrumentalist and as a composer he interlaces elements of classical and contemporary music as well as jazz with traditional Norwegian expressions, finding common traits and not least common expressive mindsets across genres and time periods. Nils Økland has released several solo albums on the labels ECM and Rune Grammofon, all of them critically acclaimed.  Their album “Lysning”(Hubro, 2017) won the Norwegian Grammies.


On March 1st 2024 , the highly anticipated album «Gjenskinn» (Gleam) is set to be released. The band has been working on the album for a long time, resulting in a genre-defying, cohesive work inspired by influences from around the world. There has been ample time to rehearse new repertoire, as Nils explains: – There has been a lot of time for reflection, which has influenced a significant part of the music with memories, summarization, and continuation of past musical experiences.

Gjenskinn is also another triumph for the ever-exciting Oslo-based label, an energising collection of international instrumentals led by a renowned Norwegian Hardanger fiddler, including tunes learned from Egyptian flautists, Shetland fiddlers and Scandinavian waltzes. The Guardian

Over time, the band has collected a treasure trove of musical inspirations and melodies used on this album. For instance, they learned the theme of «Kairo» from flutist Ahmed El Arnab in Cairo, and Nils learned an old Norse tune from fiddler Lell Robertson in Shetland, which is used in the collage «Tilley Plump». In the case of «Minimalvals,» they took a different approach by recording the waltz «Finnjenta» from Gudbrandsdalen in Norway, which Nils has played for 40 years, ultimately deciding not to use the original melody but a new minimal version without the old waltz.


Lumen Drones is a fascinating and powerful collaboration between Hardanger fiddle master Nils Økland and Per Steinar Lie and Ørjan Haaland, respectively guitarist and drummer with Norwegian ‘post-rock’ group The Low Frequency In Stereo.

The participants describe their project as a psychedelic drone band, but its stylistic reach is broad and evocative and will trigger many musical associations. Specific influences include the Doors, Sonic Youth, Durutti Column and “the jazz of the Dave Pike set”, but the Lumen Drones also rove through modal, ambient, multi-folk, minimal and noise zones, making exciting music all the way.


Torbjørn, Henrik and Nils have for many years played together in private contexts and family gatherings. Now they want to play concerts together and have recently been checking out different ideas and instrument combinations. In this project, they improvise music that is inspired by various genres they have played over the years,
everything from nice sounds and drones to spontaneous pop songs and music with more rhythmic drive. In addition, they also perform new versions of each other’s songs and some folk music-inspired stuff.

Henrik Økland – vocals, piano, saxophone, string instruments,
Torbjørn Økland– trumpet, vocals, string instruments
Nils Økland – violins and Harding fiddles


Glimmer, an exceptionally beautiful and touching album, takes as its starting point folk music from the Haugalandet region of Western Norway. Apeland’s collection of pieces from local singers who have helped to keep the traditions alive forms the basis of the repertoire here, along with original compositions. The latter range from pieces written for a film about Lars Hertervig, the great Norwegian landscape painter of the 19th century, to music inspired by modernist composer Fartein Valen. Throughout, the combination of Økland’s Hardanger fiddle and Apeland’s harmonium is marvellously evocative. Apeland has had an extensive concert activity internationally and has played pump organ/piano on numerous records in genres such as church music, folk, and improvisation. The album was released on ECM 16th of June 2023.

  • «Gorgeous, compelling melodies blend seamlessly with subtle improvisation». Glimmer. UK.VIBE 
  • Minimalistisk og svevende, en vakker og fortryllende reise. Patrick Labesse, Le Monde
  • «It’s very rare to encounter music as beautiful as this, that can be returned to again and again and release new pleasures every time» Phil Johnson, London Jazz News

Lysøen – Hommage à Ole Bull

Sigbjørn Apeland and Nils have played concerts on Lysøen for several years. They are particularly interested in Ole Bull’s relationship with folk music and improvisation.The program contains compositions by Ole Bull, folk music, as well as improvisations on themes Ole Bull used during his own concerts. Their album, Lysøen – Hommage à Ole Bull, was released on ECM. The program will be presented orally during the concert.

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