Nils Petter Molvær & Norwegian Radio Orchestra – Certainty of Tides album reviews and more.

Certainty of Tides” represents a bold evolution in Molvaer’s musical language. In this venture, his ethereal trumpet entwines with the power and intensity of a symphonic orchestra. Six of Molvaer’s seminal compositions were meticulously reimagined by Norwegian arrangers and composers, resulting in a collection that breathes new life into his trailblazing works. With the orchestral backing, Molvaer’s pieces acquire a fresh, contemporary edge, defying classical norms.

«Symphonic treatments of Molvaer favourites are effective» Jazz Journal (UK) 

 «An arresting symphonic journey through the heart of Molvær’s musical world“ Arts Desk (UK) 

«Here on ‘Maja’ is a fine slice of Nordic noir from Certainty of Tides, a landmark new album in the prodigious career of Norwegian trumpet master Nils Petter Molvær.» Marlbank (UK) 

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In “Maja,” Nils Petter Molvaer’s iconic composition takes on new life. Arranger Jan Martin Smørdal weaves a symphonic tapestry, conjuring a mystical forest. Molvaer’s trumpet flits courageously, entwining with the orchestra. The result is a captivating dance between intimacy and grandeur, breathing fresh enchantment into a cherished piece.