• Territory: World minus GAS
  • Tour Availability  2023: Dates on request
  • Booking   Kjell Kalleklev / +47 911 03 280 (e-post)

Rebekka Bakken is one of the most distinctive and exciting voices in Europe. After many years abroad, Rebekka moved back to Norway, but is still often seen on stage around festivals in Europe. It’s hard to put her in any musical booth – singer-songwriter, jazz, Americana, folk, soul or blues – Rebekka visits most genres.

  • Johan Lindström –  guitar
  • Jesper Nordenström –  piano/organ
  • Jerker Odelholm –  bass
  • Rune Arnesen –  drums
  • Rebekka Bakken – vocals, piano

Also available with big band.

Winter Nights

On Winter Nights ​Bakken interprets Christmas carols and songs for the wintry season with her powerful and expressive voice which easily encompasses three octaves. Among other songs, she sings Calling All Angels, In The Bleak Midwinter and Silent Night, and also adds a different, a gentle and romantic glow, to Last Christmas by Wham!. Because Rebekka Bakken is not only a singer but a composer, too, she wrote seven of her own songs for Winter Nights, perfectly rounding out the contemplative winter album. 

“I’ve always dreamed of doing a winter album because I adore the winter and composing songs for the holiday season. A never-ending stream of these songs seems to pour out when I delve into this part of my music-making. I’ve been singing Kyrie Eleison for months and I heard my neighbour whistling the melody when I was out in my garden.”

The songs the artist has chosen, both by others and from her own pen, reveal the singer’s passionate yet also unconventional relationship with the holiday season. “This time of year can have so many aspects, it can be both heaven and hell at the same time. I like the Christmas message, the message of newborn awareness. The things I associate with Christmas are full of joy and beauty. But sometimes you also have to make your way through the holiday season in difficult circumstances. Christmas gives more intensity to your life then, too.”

An intensity which Rebekka Bakken consummately turns into personally felt music on Winter Nights. For her arrangements stand apart, do not rely on what has come before, are never excessive. Instead, with almost minimalist instrumentation for piano, guitar, bass and drums, she expresses a perfect sense of ease. This is an organic album produced by pure musicians in a very relaxed mood.



«Things You Leave Behind» presents Rebekka Bakken as an extraordinarily mature singer and songwriter. The album title marks both a new beginning and a retrospective and stands for music that experiences its future in the here and now. It is her personal liberation and a general slap in the face of critics and other unconscientious objectors. «The world has changed – and I’m not ready for it,» says Rebekka Bakken. A few years ago, the Norwegian, who found her own voice in New York at the end of the nineties, moved back to Manhattan. «I’m looking for things to confirm myself. I wanted to co-vibrate with people around me and meet people like me, but everybody was drinking green organic juices and green tea. Soho with her Birkenstocks and not making noise. I always felt strange and weird, but rarely so much. «

Ingen treff.