Tour Availability  Dates on request
Booking  Kjell Kalleklev / +47 911 03 280 (e-post)
Love it, change it or leave it – the three options with which gurus and calendar poets show us the way out of any possible misery. On her new album “Things You Leave Behind” Rebekka Bakken opts for all three of these possibilities: she loves life so much that she experiences it in constant change and lets go of whatever wants to leave. The passage of time and things – elemental for her songs. “The last years have brought a lot of changes in my life, a lot of scary chaos,” says the singer-songwriter. “My tour agent died, I now have a new booking and also a new label. I moved back to Norway, I have a new guy, and last but not least a child! It was a time of change. For me, this shows in this album, which is breaking down images and situations and expectations. There is no relying on anything when there is chaos, and that’s when the good stuff starts to happen for me.  The less ideas I have about how things are supposed to be, the more comes to the surface.”
Johan Lindström –  guitar
Jesper Nordenström –  piano/organ
Jerker Odelholm –  bass
Rune Arnesen –  drums

Rebekka Bakken – vocals, piano

Available with big band.