Sinikka Langeland – Sølvberg variations available in 2020

Sinikka Langelands new ECM project available on request 2020
+ summer festivals

Sølvbergvariasjonar is a musical, a bit surreal dream landscape for kantele, song, trumpet, saxophone, bass and drums.The ensemble was put together recording «Starflowers» in 2004, the first of five records with Sinikka Langeland for ECM. They have toured The United States, Japan and Europe, but also frequent guests

Finnskogen where Sinikka has her base.

«Sølvbergvariasjonar», comissioned by the Glogerfestspillene, is inspired by the Silver mines in Kongsberg and opens with a vision of the mine being melted into a shiny silver pyramid. It switches between songs, instrumental parts and improvisation over a portrait of a miner. It is almost impossible to imagine how hard the life of a miner was. Very poignant too is the use of horses whipped in perpetual rounds lifting barrels filled with stones.

«Hestegjøpel» is the name of this piece and «Døydraum» is a musical piece over a miner’s near death experience where he survive a fall from a ladder down to the bottom of a shaft.

«Silver Mary» is a prayer for the child miners who died.

Sinikka Langeland, vocals and kantele, composer
Arve Henriksen, trumpet
Trygve Seim, saxofon
Anders Jormin, bass
Markku Ounaskari, drums