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Sinikka Langeland is one of the most distinctive musicians of our time. Through research, retelling and performing, she has given the culture of Finnskogen a whole new profile. She plays the Finnish national instrument the Kantele, but is also known for her use of folk song traditions such at runic singing and kveding (ode singing.) As a composer, Langeland explored traditional folk music and contrasted this with her own melodies and lyrics. In recent years, Langeland has worked with the relationship between religious folk songs and the choir music of Bach, an exciting match that has resulted in four CD recordings in a totally new musical landscape. Line up: Sinikka Langeland, vocals and kantele, composer, Arve Henriksen, trumpet,Trygve Seim, saxofon, Anders Jormin, bass, Markku Ounaskari, drums
Previously, music for poems by Børli, Södergran, Olav H. Hauge and forest Finnish rune songs has been the core repertoire. Sinikka has a clear interest in natural mysticism and in Jon Fosse’s poems she finds a core sound that resonates. The music is folk-tone based but she also wants to put the timeless aspect of Fosse’s poem into our time with musicians who contribute with a modern expression.
The kantele sounds almost like an orchestra in its own right and the musicians are some of the most distinctive and unique the Nordic countries have to offer today. The ensemble was put together for Sinikka’s ECM debut and has since been featured on most of her projects both recordings and commissioned works. Parts of the ensemble also play as a duo, trio and quartet, but now the original crew is ready for a new recording and new concerts inspired by Jon Fosse’s timeless western Norwegian landscape in wind, sun, sea and sky.

In the fall of 2020, Sinikka Langeland will record music and poetry for ECM with a stellar team of musicians. This time she has composed music for poems by Jon Fosse and the musicians lift the compositions with their improvisations and eminent playing.

by Sinikka Langeland performed by some of the world’s leading jazz musicians is inspired by fire in various forms. The work consists of three parts where each part starts with a rune song. The firefish is a fire rune carved in 1821 on Finnskogen, the same is Ukko, while Sanervatar is a Karelian sauna song.
It is often said that nature is the Norwegians church. It is in the forest, on the sea or the mountain we feel awe and contact with nature, the wholeness and the cosmos. The Finns enter the sauna and are reborn after a few hours of heating and cooling. And there are many tasks to tackle. Slash-and-burn agriculture, also known as fire–fallow cultivation, is no longer practiced in Finnskogen, but awareness of correct forestry for binding carbon is an important part of the work to reduce the greenhouse effect. The Forest fins pantheistic view of life through the rune song expresses inspiring joy over contact with animals and nature.
The set opens with a new version of Cruz’s cheerful 1975 hit Cucala, with guitar and percussion dominating in place of brass. A later Cruz hit, La Vida Es Un Carnaval is given an edgy, Ethiopian-inspired treatment, while the rapid-fire Quimbara is treated to an Afrobeat setting, with Allen in subtle form. Kidjo’s singing is powerful and assured throughout, from the upbeat revamp of Bemba Colorá to the brooding, chanting echoes of Santería, the Afro-Cuban religion, on Elegua and Yemaya, a tribute to the orisha (spirit) of motherhood and ruler of the seas, now set to an African juju beat. Magnificent.
It is inspiring to find traces and fragments of ideas about the world tree, axsis mundi, in Finnskogen. I have transformed these and some parallel stories into songs that are encircled by instrumental passages and improvisations by the musicians. Mircea Eliade comments on axsis mundi that, “every Microcosm, every inhabited region, has a Centre; that is to say, a place that is sacred above all.”  Sinikka Langeland New folk music work with Trio Mediaeval and outstanding jazz musicians


Sinikka Langeland has worked for decades with the mythological part of the cultural heritage of Finnskogen (“Forest of the Finns”). She is the country’s foremost interpreter of, and advocate for, the vocal folk music from this region of Norway. This work has resulted in several books and CD releases, most recently the disc The Half – Finished Heaven which a reviewer has described as, “Constantly developing. A world-class performer, Langeland upholds her reputation by maintaining high quality in every detail.” The CD has impressed both the Norwegian and international press. In The Magical Forest Langeland continues to share aspects of Finnskogen’s rich musical traditions. This unique new piece was commissioned by the Finnskogen Exhibition and is performed in collaboration with some of the Nordic region’s foremost jazz musicians: Arve Henriksen on trumpet, Trygve Seim on saxophone, Anders Jormin on bass and Markku Ounaskari on drums. In addition, Langeland is joined by the renowned vocal trio, Trio Mediaeval, who will experiment with the part of the piece inspired by runic songs.