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Svante Henryson is a unique musician. A virtuoso of three instruments, a composer of orchestral music, and an improviser fluent in all musical languages, he moves boundlessly across the entire musical spectrum. As a cellist, performing in jazz, world music or rock, he makes the cello sound as if it always belonged there. Be it in a raga duo with Indian guitarist Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, with a jazz big band, or in front of a symphony orchestra, the voice of his cello is instantly recognizable.

Svante Henryson grew up in Umeå in northern Sweden, playing at the local jazz clubs as a fourteen-year-old bass player. As a double bassist, still in his teens and halfway through music college, he became a member of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. Soon after making his debut as a soloist with the orchestra he became its Principal Double Bassist. Svante was also the Principal Bass of the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra led by Iona Brown. Following that was a three-year stint as a bass guitarist with rock guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen. Stevie Wonder is also on the list of previous encounters of his Fender bass. As a cellist, Svante has developed a unique style, taking the instrument to where it has never been before musically.
As a composer, his list of works includes two concertos for cello and one for the electric bass guitar, as well as symphonic, choral, chamber, and jazz music. Noted performers of his chamber works include Anne-Sofie von Otter, Elvis Costello, Martin Fröst and Roland Pöntinen. As an improviser, Svante belongs to the top layer of modern Scandinavian jazz musicians, working with Steve Gadd, Jon Balke, Terje Rypdal, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Wayne Krantz and Arve Henriksen to name a few. The latest release is «Night Song» on ECM Records, a duo album with pianist Ketil Bjørnstad.

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