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Tango as it should be…” – Buenos Aires Herald

“Their masterly interpretations received hurricane-like applause…! ” – Wiesbadener Tagblatt

“. . . Joner has an original voice within the expected paradigms for the idiom. Very appealing.”
– T MOORE, American Record Guide

SVERRE INDRIS JONER (born 1963, in Oslo) is a composer, arranger, orchestra leader, pianist, percussionist He has founded and lead numerous latin styled orchestras and bands. His groundbreaking salsa arrangements of classical pieces for symphony orchestra hit #1 on the world music sales list in Mexico!

The prestigious title “Academico Correspondiente” at the Academia Nacional del Tango de la República Argentina, working under the auspices of national poet Horacio Ferrer is one of many prices Sverre Indris Joner is awarded.

Joner studied music at the University of Oslo, film music composition at Lillehammer University College and has travelled widely throughout Latin America studying local music forms. He has had periods of study in Cuba, Argentina, Peru and Brazil. He is widely considered to be the doyen of Latin American music in Norway. He teaches Cuban genre studies at the Norwegian Music School, and course of practical rhythm at the Barratt Due Music Institute. Joner has also been the Artistic Director of the international talent project at the Førde Traditional and World Music Festival international for two years.

Joner is working with several projects and bands, including duo and and symphonic formats! Take contact to find the line up and format that fits.

Electrocutango is considered one of the most dynamic, original and audacious expressions of the new tango movement. Their sound can be identified as tango with an electronic update, rather than electronica with ”exotic seasoning”.

Clasicos a lo cubano: Starting with Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, via stage music of Bizet and Tchaikovsky to Strauss jr. Grieg and even Wagner the baroque, classical and romantic eras are treated with a kind of loving disrespect. Or is it disrespect at its core?

The beauty of the idea is that Joner in the arrangements has equal respect for both the old classic pieces – with all their harmonic and melodic richness – as well as for the Cuban rhythmic traditions and structures that is far more sophisticated that any other popular genre. And the new fusion is communicating on a different level than both the classic originals and the salsa genre. it’s not just an easy adaptation as seen many times before.

More information and reviews at Joner’s website.