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«Cosmic Americana from Norway via outer space. His third album showcases Californian singer Maesa Pullman, setting her bell-clear voice against elegant country-soul settings that conceal lyrical darkness». UNCUT. More reviews.

When HP Gundersen was invited to compose a commission work (to Vossa Jazz 2018) he immediately saw an opportunity to realize his dream of composing a large scale piece of music based on his own american impulses. Both because he could put together a Norwegian/American 9-man band, which both vocally and instrumentally could make such a vision into a concert, but not least, it was economically feasible to create and perform his most ambitious piece of work to date.

The commisiion work, eventually named LOS ANGELES, reflects all these impulses as totally innovative, american fusionists, sung with genuine americana-understanding by Maesa Pullman, who, with her affiliation to gospel rock, rock, jazz and country is able to convey HPs ideas as if they come from her own instincts. Los Angeles was recorded as the next Last Hurrah !!  album. A 4 piece / 9 piece band will tour the album.

The Last Hurrah! are Maesa Pullman (vocals, guitar), Jason Hiller (bass), Henrik Paulsen (guitar), Kåre Sandvik (keys), Bjørn Sæther (drums), David Vogt (violin), HP Gundersen (guitar og steel).

The story about THE LAST HURRAH !! by HP: «It all started with me exploring the possibilities that lay in drone-tuned acoustic guitar and composing music within the framework of what was possible to play with open strings. Furthermore, I received vocal help from Heidi Torsvik and I produced an album at home in my own living room that was released by RUNE GRAMMOFON.


The album, Spiritual Non Believers, was well receiced and was awarded album of the year in Norway. In England and parts of Europe,  the music press, Mojo, Shindig, Sunday Times, Wire, etc. were also very positive about the album. When Mojo magazine set out to do a remake of Dark Side Of The Moon, with ten of their current favorites, I was invited to participate -and contributed with an interpretation of Great Gig In The Sky. Since then, i’ve made another «drone» album «The Beauty Of Fake» which also got very fine reviews both home and abroad.»

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